Amano Dance Academy
Studio Information

Inspired by 'Strictly Come Dancing' or eDancing with the Starsf...?
Passionate about dance...?
Or just feel like a new interest and some fun exercise to get in shape...?
Then learn to Ballroom Dance with us!
Come on your own or with a partner

Not to worry about the language.
We teach you in English.
Managed by the legendary Hiro and Kyoko Amano,
Former all Japan ballroom champions and world ballroom finaliss.

Amano Dance Academy offers Ballroom and Latin dance
for all ages and levels of dance experience.

Enjoy ballroom dance lessons with us in a friendly atmosphere
you'll be impressed with what you can pick up
with just a few ballroom dance lessons!

Dancingfs a great opportunity to exercise, escape,
learn something completely new (either as a couple or on your own) and socialize with fellow dancers!

We teach all the classic Ballroom dances.
The Waltz, Foxtrot, Ballroom Tango & Quickstep
as well as most Latin dances
such as the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba & Jive.

For beginners we teach Party dances:
The Slow Rhythm Dance, Square Rumba, Mambo, Jitterbug

< Wedding Program >
For soon to be newly weds
personalized wedding dance lessons
can be offered for the big day.
A choreographed ballroom or latin routine
can be developed to your special song
with private dance lessons
and we guarantee you'll impress all your wedding party guests!

We also offer social ballroom dance events for our students
as well as provide demonstrations and teaching sessions
for various social and corporate functions.


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